Digital Detox

The change in lifestyle for women does make them realize the importance of visiting the doctor for check-ups. However, it is also necessary for the woman’s to visit the eye-specialist as they are more likely to encounter certain eye diseases which need to be cured before it gets worst.

Why is digital detox needed?

The continuous exposure of eyes to Digital screen has a very adverse effect on the eyes. Eyes getting dry and itching in the Eyes has become a common concern thus it is necessary to address these disorders well before it gets worst. Digital detox is one such way where you can prevent the Eyes from further damage.  

Digital detox is about managing the screen time and Giving rest to the eyes for a certain amount of time each day getting more accustomed to paper media is the advised option in Digital detox which will give the Eyes enough time to relax

The practice of Digital detox has many benefits like:

  • Enhancing sleep
  • Reducing stress
  • Improvising the mental health

Here we are listing a range of different eye problems and prevention and cure techniques that can be of help.

Dry eyes: Women experience hormonal imbalance after menopause making them more prone to dry eyes syndrome. In a case where there is chronic dryness in the eyes, women are likely to face this disorder 2-3 times if left untreated, visit Dr. Vaidya Eye Hospital in Mumbai  to get your eyes checked and avoid future discomforts.  Digital Detox for Eye can be of great help to those suffering from eye problems.


  • Give rest to the eyes
  • Try Omega-3 fatty acid supplements
  • In wintertime turn on the humidifier


  • Add supplements like salmon, sardines, castor oil eye drops, and flax-seeds to life.
  • The eye drops can cure dry eye syndrome by reducing the evaporation of the tear

Glaucoma: The optic nerve of the eyes is affected in Glaucoma a can lead to complete or partial blindness. Having a family member who is diagnosed with Glaucoma it is necessary to take care of oneself more because there are five times more tendencies to develop Glaucoma.


  • Make use of eye protection
  • Get your eyes examined regularly.
  • Get yourself checked if anyone in the family had Glaucoma
  • Take the eye drops prescribed regularly


  • Take the right prescribed medications
  • Avoid food having high saturated fats as they might increase the intraocular pressure leading to increased damage.

Macular Degeneration: Macular degeneration can be caused due to the deterioration of the macula, the central area of the retina of the eye. This leads to vision loss in the people. The mass more active towards smoking have more tendencies to generate this disorder.


  • Quit Smoking
  • Add leafy vegetables to the diet
  • Make use of the sunglasses
  • Maintain your weight and have healthy blood pressure.


  • There is no cure in particular for Macular Degeneration; the right treatment can however slow the effects which might prevent you from losing too much vision.

You can visit Dr Vaidya Eye Hospital in Mumbai for this type of eye treatment. The change in the hormonal balance for females makes them prone to many diseases, thus it is necessary to take care of one’s health and get examined by a prescribed professional. Eye health is often neglected therefore it is important to get in touch with professionals who can help examine if there is any disease developing in your body.

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