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Vitreous Hemorrhage Treatment in Mumbai

  • Doctor Dr. Deepak Vaidya
  • Surgery Lasik
  • Date December 2, 2022

Vitreous Hemorrhage

Vitreous hemorrhage is the extravasation, or leakage, of blood into the areas in and around the vitreous humor of the eye. The vitreous humor is the clear gel that fills the space between the lens and the retina of the eye. A variety of conditions can result in blood leaking into the vitreous humor, which can cause impaired vision, floaters, and photopsia. For Vitreous Hemorrhage Treatment in Mumbai book your appointment with Dr. Deepak Vaidya, He specialized in Vitreous Hemorrhage Treatment.

What Causes it?


Damage to normal blood vessels

Retinal blood vessels that are damaged through injury or trauma can cause a vitreous hemorrhage. Some eye problems can also cause damage to the blood vessels of the retina, such as retinal detachment. A retinal vein occlusion can also cause vitreous hemorrhage, as it blocks the veins that feed the retina, which may then bleed into the vitreous ‘gel’.

Growth of abnormal blood vessels

Some eye conditions can cause the growth of abnormal blood vessels that bleed into the vitreous ‘gel’ of the eye. The later stages of diabetic retinopathy, some retinal vein occlusions, and occasionally wet ARMD can cause abnormal, delicate blood vessels to grow and bleed into the vitreous cavity.

Bleeding from other parts of the eye

Occasionally, blood from another source can cause a vitreous hemorrhage. While it is very rare, a hemorrhage in another part of the eye, or even a tumor, can cause blood to leak through into the vitreous ‘gel’.

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