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Eye Specialist in Mumbai

Eye Specialist in Mumbai

Eye Specialist in Mumbai - Dr. Deepak Vaidya

Dr. Deepak Vaidya

Ophthalmologist/ Eye Surgeon | Chairman of Dr. Vaidya Eye Hospital

Dr. Deepak Vaidya is a renowned Eye Specialist in Mumbai and the founder and chairman of Dr. Vaidya Eye Hospital. After receiving his degree in medicine from the MGM Medical College, Indore in 1990, he started his own practice in the name of Dr. Vaidya Eye Hospital.

Among the surgeons in Mumbai, Dr. Vaidya is well known for translating his experience and knowledge efficiently and cleanly into action and results. This is perhaps evident in the remarkable growth of Dr. Vaidya Eye Hospital since its inception in 1990.

With a vision to provide all-round, comprehensive eye-care, Dr. Vaidya has expanded the hospital’s services well into several super-specialty areas like cataract surgery, glaucoma, retinal treatment, oculoplastic and even squint surgery. Despite being busy and occupied like any doctor in Mumbai, has been very active socially and has even conducted free medical camps at own Hospital, Lion’s club, rotary club, and several other NGOs too.

He has been holding responsible positions in various organizations like :

» Special executive officer by govt. Of Maharashtra

» Committee member of Bombay Ophthalmic Association

» President of Lions Club of SOI (2013-14)

» Office secretary of association of medical consultant (2010-11)

» Committee member of Association of Medical Consultant

» Trustee of Vedant Academy Institute

» Honorary treasurer of Andheri Medical Association (2004-05)

» Committee member of Vile Parle Medical Association (2002-03)

cataract service

Cataract Surgery

The crystalline lens helps in focusing an image on the Retina. It is clear and transparent. But, with age, this lens can become cloudy and opaque. Any opacity in the crystalline lens leads to decreased vision. This opacity in the lens is what cataract is.

It develops over a long period of time: months, or even years altogether. It usually affects both the eyes. The first characteristic to get affected is distance vision. As the lens becomes cloudier and rigid, it may deteriorate close vision as well.

While cataract is one of the most common causes of vision loss, it is only surgery that treats it. There are no medications that will clear the cataract or reverse it.

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Refractive Surgery

  1. By Lasik
  2.  By ICL operation
  3.  Prelex Surgery

Vision Correction can be done with Lasik and Wavefront Laser technologies. They are used to correct refractive errors, thus, minimizing or eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses. It can correct more common vision defects: myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism (cylindrical vision). It can correct even very minute aberrations of the eye.

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