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  • Hospital Name Dr Vaidya Eye Hospital
  • Doctor Dr Deepak Vaidya
  • Date January 24, 2018

Description & Process

If someone has a lot of blood in the center of their eye (vitreous gel), they may need a vitrectomy. It is to restore their eyesight. If someone needs vitrectomies in both the eyes, they are usually done several weeks apart.

A vitrectomy is performed under either local or general anaesthesia. For this, a tiny incision is made in the eye. Next, a small instrument is used to remove the vitreous gel that is clouded with blood. The vitreous gel is then replaced with a salt solution. Since the vitreous gel is mostly water, there is no difference in the salt solution and the original vitreous gel.

One can head home after the procedure. Some people stay in the hospital overnight for observation. The eyes can get red and sensitive. It is essential to wear an eye patch for a few days or weeks to protect the eye. Usage of medicated eye-drops protects the eyes against infection.

This surgery often slows or stops the progression of diabetic retinopathy, but it’s not a cure. Since diabetes is a lifelong condition, future retinal damage and vision loss is possible. Even after treatment, a regular eye examination is a must. At some point, additional treatment may be recommended.

Researchers are studying for new treatments for diabetic retinopathy treatment, that may prevent abnormal blood vessels from developing.

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