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Epiretinal Membrane

  • Doctor Dr. Deepak Vaidya
  • Surgery Lasik
  • Date December 2, 2022

Epiretinal Membranes are also known by other names likes Macular Pucker, Cellophane maculopathy, Surface wrinkling etc.


The light which enters the eye through cornea is focused over the light sensitizing tissue called the Retina. This delicate tissue converts Light energy into electrical energy which is transmitted via the Optic Nerve into Brain which interprets these signals to see the world around you.

Most of the light entering our eye is focused onto a small portion of Retina called as Macula. This is a highly sensitive portion of Retina which is responsible for detailed central vision and most of color vision. It provides the vision to read, recognize faces, drive a car etc. The rest of the retina is responsible for peripheral vision.

What is Epiretinal Membrane

An Epiretinal Membrane is a scar tissue that forms over the surface of the retina.

Normally the eye is filled with a collagenous substance called Vitreous. This Vitreous gel is attached to the surface of the Retina. As age progresses this gel substance detaches itself from the surface of retina which is called Posterior vitreous Detachment, as is considered a normal process of the eye. In certain individuals, this Vitreous separation incites a reaction on the retinal Surface which responds by formation of Epi Retinal Membrane. This membrane sits on the surface of Retina which is responsible for central vision. Once this membrane contracts it causes distortion of the retina and leads to vision disturbance.

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