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Change in vision, redness, Headache, diabetes, Family history of glaucoma​​

Yes​. ​To know more can contact Doc​.​

Rub their eyes, Watch TV closely, keep books to read & write very close

Not directly

I​t​ i​s a common ​concern in which your tears aren’t able to provide ​enough​ lubrication for your ​eyes.​

Refractive errors, Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetes.

Can be due to vitreal shrinkage, small weak areas in Retina.

In 2-3​ ​days. Safe to use if properly follow the do’s & don’t​.​

15​-20​ minutes​. It’s a walk in walk out procedure.​

Mostly No. In few cases a small no is reported .But it can be corrected 

Rise in Eye pressure.​ ​Damage Optic nerve can lead to blindness.

Anybody after the age of 40. It’s hereditary so one should get it checked from age of 30

As per recent advancements, any time ​the​ lens start​s​ showing changes